Board of Directors

NameTitleTerm ExpiresTelephone No.
John FalzonPresident11/2024908-721-1127
Carolee JonesVice President11/2023973-202-2368
Jerry RoccoSecretary11/2024908-647-2162
Frank SmithTreasurer11/2025908-337-5888
Jim NcNamaraTrustee11/2025973-214-8726

Monthly Board Meeting Schedule

The Board of Directors normally meets on the second Wednesday of each month. The Board meetings are usually held via Zoom, or at the Association’s Clubhouse. Unit Owners are encouraged to attend the Board meetings. Please contact Executive Property Management at (732) 821-3224 to confirm the date, time and location of the next meeting. Normally the “open” sessions commence at approximately 7:00 p.m.

Should you wish to have a specific issue discussed at the meeting, please notify the management office in writing of this issue a week prior to the Board Meeting to ensure that the matter is included in the meeting agenda.

General Meetings

The Association holds two general meetings for all Unit Owners. The first is held in June/July and is an informational meeting designed to keep the community abreast of items of concern to the Association and to discuss the prior year’s audited financial statements.

The second meeting is our Annual Meeting which is held in November to elect Directors to the Board and review the budget approved by the Board for the following year. Unit Owners are requested to attend this meeting, or file voting proxies, so the Association can conform to the By-Law Quorum requirements. This meeting also provides ample time for a question and answer period between Unit Owners and the Board of Directors.